Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is a nurse advocate?

A nurse advocate is a Registered Nurse who uses his/her knowledge and background to work with patients to make sure they are receiving healthcare that meets their needs.

2.  Why would I need a nurse advocate?

It is helpful to have someone who knows the healthcare system providing their expertise during stressful times. Often when a patient is in a crisis situation, has a new diagnosis or feels overwhelmed, just having someone who knows how the healthcare system functions, the right questions to ask, how to explain things and who to call can make all the difference. A nurse advocate has experience caring for patients during these periods and can be a great resource for patients and families. (Some might compare this to the role of a general contractor in building a new house. You want to hire someone who is a jack of all trades who is knowledgeable, experienced, organized and can coordinate, communicate and complete the project.) You may not need a nurse advocate forever, but you will want one at some time. 

3. How much does Connections Nurse Advocates charge to help?

Connections Nurse Advocates determines fees on a case by case basis. Every person has unique health needs and service requests, therefore individualized pricing is necessary. Once your needs are discussed and goals are determined, Connections Nurse Advocates will provide you with a quote in writing which you can choose to accept or decline. 

4. Are you given money to recommend certain service providers?

No. Connections Nurse Advocates does not receive a commission for any recommendations of facilities or other healthcare personnel. The recommendations are simply what comes through the research as the best fit for you as the patient in a given situation.

4. Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes. Connections Nurse Advocates carries liability insurance. 

5. How will you have time to give me individualized attention?

In order to ensure optimal time for each patient's needs, Connections Nurse Advocates reviews it's ability to take on patients on a case by case basis. If full service cannot be provided, Connections Nurse Advocates will not take the case at that time, but will try to connect you with other resources so that you are not left without assistance. 

6. Is this service confidential?

Yes. Connections Nurse Advocates adheres to strict privacy policies and adheres to the same standards a Registered Nurse is held to in a hospital setting.