My name is Shannon Hattenhauer, RN, BSN and I am the founder of Connections Nurse Advocates. I am a Registered Nurse, Teacher and Mother.  In my experience as a nurse I have witnessed changes in the healthcare system, which have led to doctors having less face-to-face time with patients. Appointment times are shorter and harder to come by. More medications are being prescribed, but instructions on how to use them and explanations of their effects on the body are often not discussed.

Using my experience as a nurse and an educator, I can help answer your questions and empower you to make educated decisions about your own healthcare. My job is not to provide you with medical advice, rather to take the time to look at you as a whole person and attempt to connect all of the pieces of your health so that when you see providers and receive testing it is done efficiently and with effective outcomes. Most importantly, I can help you make sense of why things are being done and try to take the time to explain results. If I cannot provide a service or answer a question you may have, I can connect you with a trusted professional who can. 

I'm here for those "Now What?" moments, when you are stuck and feel like there's nowhere else to turn, or for when you just want to try to get everything on track after receiving new healthcare news, medications or treatments.